The Liturgia Latina project was begun in the year 2000 to honour the opening of the third millennium since Our Lord's Nativity. The first section of the project was producing the electronic text of the traditional Pontificale Romanum.

The primary aim of this project is to make available in electronic form some of the major texts of the traditional Latin liturgy of the Roman Catholic church,  for the use of Catholic traditionalists and liturgical scholars.  It will also make available other information and texts which are thought to be useful for the promotion of the Catholic tradition.

Is dedicated to Our Lord and His Immaculate Mother, and is under the patronage of St. Philip Neri and St. Benedict. It is also dedicated to all those priests and bishops who have ensured that the traditional Latin liturgy continues to be celebrated.

Volunteers to assist with the project, whether by submitting texts, offering to proof-read, or whatever, are very welcome to contact the webmaster.

All the original texts produced on this site are believed to be out of copyright, unless otherwise indicated. The electronic files are the intellectual property of the webmaster. They may be freely reproduced for non-commercial use, provided that the source is acknowledged.

Please pray for the success of the project.

The webmaster is David Forster.