1. On New Year's Day
2. On beginning a new life with a new year
3. On the rules of a new life. From Titus ii.
4. On what we are to renounce by the Christian's rule
5. On the lives we are to lead by the Christian's rule
6. On the Epiphany
7. On the wise men's journey to Bethlehem
8. On the faith and offerings of the wise men
9. On the offerings we are to make, by the example of the wise men
10. On the gospel of the Sunday within the Octave of the Epiphany
11. On seeking Jesus, when he has been lost by sin
12. On the lessons our Lord Jesus gives us in his private life
13. On our Saviourís being baptized by St. John the Baptist
14. On the sacred name of Jesus (Second Sunday after Epiphany)
15. On our Lordís changing water into wine, at the marriage-feast of Cana
16. On the necessity of consideration
17. On the consideration of God
18. On the consideration of the law of God
19. On the consideration of ourselves
20. On our first beginning
21. On our last end
22. On the titles God has to our service
23. On the happiness of serving God
24. On the vanity of all those things that keep wordlings from the service of God
25. On the conversion of St. Paul
26. On the evil of mortal sin
27. On the manifold aggravations that are found in mortal sin
28. On the presumption, folly, and madness of the wilful sinner
29. On the dismal havoc sin has made in the world
30. On the dismal havoc sin makes in the soul of a Christian
31. On the judgments of God upon mortal sin


1. On not making light of venial sins
2. On Candlemas day
3. On the parable of the labourers in the vineyard. For Septuagesima Sunday
4. On the multitude of our sins
5. On the goodness of God in waiting for sinners
6. On turning from sin to God
7. On the sentiments of a penitent sinner
8. On doing penance for our sins
9. On the manner of doing penance for our sins
10. On the parable of the sower, Luke viii. For Sexagesima Sunday
11. On the remaining part of the parable of the sower
12. Against delay of repentance
13. On the folly of deferring our conversion to God
14. On death-bed performances
15. On the dispositions with which we are to enter upon the service of God
16. On true devotion
17. On the opposition there is between the world and the Gospel. For Shrove-tide.
18. On fighting under the standard of Jesus Christ .
19. On the rules prescribed by Jesus Christ to his followers, Matt. xvi.



24 February. On the Gospel for the feast of St. Matthias.
17 March. On St. Patrick.
19 March. On St. Joseph.
25 March. On the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin.

On Ash-Wednesday
Thursday after Ash-Wednesday. On fasting
Friday. On the rules of fasting
Saturday. On the great fast of a Christian


First Sunday in Lent. On the fast of Lent
Monday. On the ends of the institution of Lent
Tuesday. On the examination of the state of our interior
Wednesday. On a further examination of the soul
Thursday. On other sins which we are to inquire into
Friday. On exercising works of mercy
Saturday. On the spiritual works of mercy

Second Sunday in Lent. On prayer
Monday. On the necessity of prayer
Tuesday. On attention in prayer
Wednesday. On other conditions of prayer
Thursday. On fervour in prayer
Friday. On mental prayer
Saturday. On the practice of mental prayer


Third Sunday in Lent. On devotion to the passion of Christ
Monday. On the great advantages of devotion to the passion of Christ
Tuesday. On the lessons Christ teaches in his passion
Wednesday. On other lessons to be learned from Christ in his passion
Thursday. On the love that Christ has shown us in his passion
Friday. Other considerations to excite in the soul the love of our suffering Jesus
Saturday. On the sufferings of our Saviour, before his passion

Fourth Sunday in Lent. On our Saviourís prayer in the garden
Monday. On our Saviourís agony and bloody sweat
Tuesday. On the treason of Judas
Wednesday. On the apprehension of our Lord
Thursday. On our Lordís being brought before Annas and Caiphas
Friday. On our Saviourís treatment in the house of Caiphas
Saturday. On Peterís denial


Passion Sunday. On our Lordís being led away to Pilate
Monday. Our Lord is sent from Pilate to Herod
Tuesday. Barabbas is preferred before our Lord. He is scourged at the pillar
Wednesday. Our Lord is crowned with thorns
Thursday. Our Lord is shown to the people, with Ecce Homo, Behold the Man!
Friday. On the part the blessed Virgin bore in her Sonís sufferings
Saturday. Our Lord is condemned to the cross

Palm Sunday. On our Lordís triumphant entrance into Jerusalem
Monday in Holy Week. Our Saviour carries his cross
Tuesday in Holy Week. Our Saviour is nailed to the cross
Wednesday in Holy Week. On the sufferings of Saviour upon the cross
Holy Thursday. On our Saviourís preaching from the cross
Good Friday. On our Saviourís death upon the cross
Holy Saturday. On our Saviourís burial


Easter Sunday. On the resurrection of our Lord
Easter Monday. On the lessons we are to learn from the resurrection of Jesus Christ
Easter Tuesday. On our Lordís showing himself to his disciples after his resurrection
Easter Wednesday. On our Lordís showing himself to the disciples going to Emmaus. Luke xxiv.
Easter Thursday. On our Lordís manifesting himself to all the apostles. Luke xxiv., John xx.
Easter Friday. On the peace of a Christian
Easter Saturday. On perseverance in good

Low Sunday. On the sacrament of baptism
Monday after Low Sunday. On the covenant of baptism
Tuesday. On the ceremonies of baptism
Wednesday. On the evil of falling from the grace of baptism
Thursday. On the theological virtues
Friday. On faith
Saturday. On the grounds of faith


Second Sunday after Easter. On a lively faith
Monday. On divine hope
Tuesday. On joining a distrust in ourselves with confidence in God
Wednesday. On the Lordís prayer
Thursday. On Hallowed be thy name
Friday. Thy kingdom come
Saturday. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven

Third Sunday after Easter. Give us this day our daily bread
Monday. Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us
Tuesday. Lead us not into temptation
Wednesday. Deliver us from evil
Thursday. On morning prayer
Friday. On evening prayer
Saturday. On praying always


Fourth Sunday after Easter. On the great commandment of divine love
Monday. On loving the Lord our God above all things
Tuesday. On loving God with our whole heart
Wednesday. On loving God with our whole soul
Thursday. On loving God with our whole mind
Friday. On loving God with our whole strength
Saturday. On returning love for love

Rogation Sunday. On the devotion of the time
Monday. On the means of attaining the love of God
Tuesday. On acts of divine love
Wednesday. On other exercises of the love of God
Ascension Day. On the ascension of our Lord
Friday. On the lessons we are to learn from the ascension of our Lord
Saturday. Other lessons to be learnt from the ascension of our Lord


Sunday within the octave of the Ascension. On the precepts of charity to our neighbours
Monday. On the excellence of fraternal charity
Tuesday. On the exercise of fraternal charity
Wednesday. On the different branches of fraternal charity
Thursday, the octave of the ascension. On the great pattern of charity
Friday after the octave of the Ascension. On preparing the soul for the Holy Ghost
Whitsun-Eve. On the dispositions necessary for receiving the Holy Ghost
23 April. On St. George.
1 May. On St. Philip and St. James.
3 May. On the Finding of the Cross.


Whitsunday. On the coming down of the Holy Ghost
Whitsun-Monday. On the happiness of having the Holy Ghost in the soul
Whitsun-Tuesday. On the gifts of the Holy Ghost
Whitsun-Wednesday. On the means of keeping the Holy Ghost in the soul
Whitsun-Thursday. On the marks of the Holy Ghostís abiding in the soul
Whitsun-Friday. On the sacrament of confirmation
Whitsun-Saturday. On the obligations of our confirmation

Trinity Sunday. On the blessed Trinity
Monday after Trinity Sunday. On the figures of the blessed Eucharist, and first of the Paschal lamb
Tuesday. Of the manna and bread of Elias
Wednesday. Of other figures of the blessed Eucharist
Corpus Christi Day. On the institution of the blessed Eucharist
Friday within the Octave of Corpus Christi. On the mysteries contained in the blessed Eucharist
Saturday within the octave. On the real presence of Jesus Christ in the blessed Eucharist


Sunday within the octave of Corpus Christi. On Christ inviting us to his heavenly banquet
Monday within the octave. On the excellent fruits of this divine banquet
Tuesday within the octave. On the dispositions we ought to bring to the holy Communion
Wednesday within the octave. On devotion before Communion
The Octave day. On devotion after Communion



14. Of the blessed Eucharist, as a sacrifice
15. On the excellence of the Eucharistic sacrifice
16. On the blessed Eucharist as it is a sacrifice of adoration and praise
17. On the blessed Eucharist as it is a sacrifice of thanksgiving
18. On the blessed Eucharist as it is a sacrifice of propitiation
19. On the blessed Eucharist as it is a sacrifice of prayer and supplication
20. On the devotion with which we are to assist at the sacrifice of the altar
21. On a spiritual communions
22. On the sacrament of penance
23. On the confession of our sins
24. On the nativity of St. John the Baptist
25. On the lessons we are to learn from St. John the Baptist
26 On the preparation we ought to make for confession
27. On the motives of repentance
28. Other motives of contrition
29. On St. Peter and St. Paul
30. On sincerity in confession


1. On time and eternity
2. On the visitation of the blessed Virgin
3. On the good employment of time
4. On remembering the four last things
5. On the certainty of death
6. On the uncertainty of the time and manner of our death
7. On preparing for death
8. On the sentiments we shall have at the hour of our death
9. On the death of the just man
10. On the death of the wicked
11. On the condition of the body after death
12. On the soulís first entering into another world
13. On the particular judgment after death
14. On the examination of the soul in judgment
15. On the different states of departed souls before the last day
16. On the sufferings of souls in the middle state
17. On the terrors of the last day
18. On the general resurrection
19. On the coming of the judge
20. On the separation of the good from the bad
21. On the opening of the books
22. On the conversion of St. Mary Magdalene
23. On the last sentence of the good
24. On the last sentence of the wicked
25. On St. James
26. On St. Anne
27. On hell
28. Some other considerations on hell
29. On the prison of hell
30. On the entertainment of hell
31. On the fire of hell



1. On the pain of loss in hell
2. On the worm of hell
3. On a miserable eternity
4. On the happiness of heaven
5. On the good things of our Lord in the land of the living
6. On the transfiguration of our Lord
7. On the glory of the heavenly Jerusalem
8. On the happy society of the heavenly Jerusalem
9. On the eternal enjoyment of God
10. On St. Laurence
11. On the endowments of the glorified bodies in heaven
12. On a happy eternity
13. On conformity with the will of God
14. On the motives that oblige us to a perpetual conformity with the will of God
15. On the assumption of the blessed Virgin
16. On the gospel read on the festival of the assumption of the blessed Virgin, Luke x.
17. On resignation to the will of God in all our sufferings
18. On self-denial
19. On the mortification of the interior
20. On the mortification of the passions
21. On the mortification of the predominant passion
22. On the mortification of the sensual appetite
23. On the mortification of curiosity
24. On the gospel for St. Bartholomew, Luke vi. 12, &c.
25. On humility
26. On the school of humility
27. On the master of whom we are to learn humility
28. On the fruits of humility
29. On the other fruits of humility
30. On the degrees of humility
31. On the practice of humility


1. On the eight beatitudes, St. Matt v.
2. On poverty of spirit
3. On meekness
4. On mourning
5. On hungering and thirsting after justice
6. On being merciful
7. On cleanness of heart
8. On the nativity of the blessed Virgin
9. On being peace-makers
10. On the means of preserving and maintaining the peace of the soul
11. On suffering persecution for justice sake
12. On the virtue of patience
13. On the means of acquiring patience
14. On the exaltation of the cross
15. On the presence of God
16. On the exercise of the presence of God
17. On the advantages of the exercise of the presence of God
18. On the virtue of obedience
19. On the fruits of obedience
20. On keeping the commandments
21. On St. Matthew
22. On the worship of God enjoined by the first commandment
23. On the prohibition of idol worship
24. On honouring Godís holy name
25. On keeping holy the Lordís day
26. Honouring thy father and thy mother, &c.
27. On Thou shalt not kill
28. On spiritual murder
29. On Michaelmas Day
30. Thou shalt not commit adultery



1. On thou shalt not steal
2. On our guardian angels
3. On thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour
4. On rash judgment
5. On avoiding all manner of lies
6. On thou shalt not covet &c.
7. On the precepts of the church
8. On the vice of pride
9. On the malignity of pride
10. Remedies against pride
11. Other prescriptions against pride
12. On vainglory
13. On prescriptions against vainglory
14. On the vice of covetousness
15. On prescriptions against covetousness
16. On the vice of impurity
17. On prescriptions against impurity
18. On the virtue of chastity
19. On the vice of anger
20. On remedies against the vice of anger
21. On the vice of intemperance
22. On prescriptions against intemperance
23. On the vice of envy
24. On remedies against envy
25. On the vice of spiritual sloth
26. On the remedies against spiritual sloth
27. On the Christianís warfare
28. On St. Simon and St. Jude
29. On the Christianís armour
30. On the Christianís conflict
31. On the four cardinal virtues


1. On the feast of all the saints
2. On the commemoration of all souls
3. On the obligations of all Christians to be saints
4. On the means we all have to become saints
5. On the perfection of our ordinary actions
6. On the sanctity of the Christianís institute
7. On following the light of Christ
8. One thing is necessary, Luke x. 42
9. Strive to enter by the narrow gate, Luke xiii. 24
10. No man can serve two masters, Matt. vi. 24
11. He that doth not renounce all that he possesses, cannot be my disciple, Luke xiv. 33
12. If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, Matt. xvi. 24
13. Except your justice exceeds that of the Scribes and Pharisees, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven, Matt. v. 20
14. The kingdom of heaven is like unto a treasure, &c. Matt. xiii
15. On the parable of the marriage feast, Matt. xxii
16. On the parable of the barren fig-tree, Luke xiii.
17. On the parable of the prodigal son, Luke xv.
18. On the parable of the unjust steward, Luke xvi.
19. On the rich man and the poor beggar, Luke xvi.
20. On the charitable Samaritan, Luke x.
21. On the presentation of the blessed Virgin
22. On the Pharisee and the Publican, Luke xviii.
23. On the parable of the grain of mustard seed, Matt. xiii.
24. On the parable of the ten virgins, Matt.. xxv.
25. On the parable of the talents, Matt. xxv.
26. On the parable of the vineyard let out to husbandmen, Matt. xxi.
27. On the merciful dealings of Christ our Lord with sinners
28. On the conversion of Zacheus, Luke xix.
29. On Christís weeping over Jerusalem, Luke xix.
30. On St. Andrew



1. On the time of Advent
2. On what we must do to prepare the way of the Lord
3. On the miracles of Christ our Lord
4. On our Lordís cleansing the lepers
5. On our Lordís stilling the storm at sea and feeding the multitudes
6. On the lessons that are to be learnt from other miracles of our Lord
7. On our Lordís giving sight to the blind, and raising the dead to life
8. On the conception of the blessed Virgin
9. On the purity with which we are to prepare our souls for Christ
10. On purifying the interior powers of the soul
11. On the purity of our actions
12. On the angelical salutation
13. On the wonders of God in the incarnation of his Son
14. On the glory of God in the incarnation of his Son
15. On the glory the Son of God gave his Father in his mother's womb
16. On the charity of the Son of God for us in his motherís womb
17. On the benefits which the Son of God brings to us by his incarnation
18. On the other benefits of our Saviour to mankind by his incarnation
19. On our Saviour, as our king and our priest
20. On our Saviour as our sacrifice
21. On St. Thomas the apostle
22. On the Ember week in Advent
23. On the preparation for the birth of Christ
24. On the birth of Christ
25. On Christmas day
26. On St. Stephen
27. On St. John the apostle and evangelist
28. On the Holy Innocents
29. On the gospel of the good shepherd, John x., read for St. Thomas of Canterbury
30. On the conclusion of the year
31. On the gospel of girding the loins, &c. Luke xii. 35, &c., read for St. Sylvester

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