The Dominican Rite - How Roman is it?

Fr. Bonniwell, in his 'A History of the Dominican Liturgy', lists eight theories about the origin of the Dominican Rite, with a list of the scholars who have supported each of them. (Some of the theories were supported in mediaeval times, but no more recently).

1. Humbert 'invented' the rite 

2. It is the liturgy of ancient Rome

3. It is the Gallican Rite (i.e. the Gallico-Roman as observed outside of Rome)

4. It is wholly eclectic, being made up of a number of various rites.

5. It is a combination of the Carthusian and Premonstratensian rites.

6. It is the Roman rite as developed by the Church of Lyons.

7. It is the Roman rite as developed by the Church of Paris.

8. It is the genuine Roman rite of the early thirteenth century, enriched with certain non-Roman variations and additions. These alterations, however, were not sufficiently great to change its 
classification from 'Roman' to 'Gallican'.

Fr. Bonniwell himself defends the eighth theory at length, and names Dom Cabrol as another adherent.

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