The name of Dom Guéranger, abbot of Solesmes, needs no recommendation. He has been long known, both in his own country and in England, by his pious and edifying works.

The work which is now put within the reach of those who use only our own language is truly Benedictine in its aim and spirit. The sons of St. Dominic have attached themselves to the scientific theology of the Church, and their mission is to cry aloud in the streets as preachers, and to stand in the breach as defenders of the faith. The sons of St. Benedict have a more tranquil mission, within the walls of the sanctuary, and on the steps of the altar. The Année Liturgique is the fruit of this interior and peaceful spirit. It is a prolonged meditation on the wonderful order of divine worship, which has formed itself around the presence of the Incarnate Word. It is 'the adoration of the Father in spirit and in truth' in the circle of His divine acts for the redemption of the world. The calendar of the Church renews before our spiritual and intellectual vision - it may almost be said before our eyes of sense - the supreme worship of the ever blessed Trinity, in the communion of the saints. Into this interior world of heavenly beauty, splendour, and peace, the liturgy of the Church admits us day by day. And the Abbot of Solesmes has rendered a signal help to all who love this prelude of a better world, and this avenue to the vision of peace, by his beautiful and spiritual commentary on our seasons and solemnities. Our thanks are also due to the Rev. Father Shepherd, O.S.B., for the patience and care with which he has undertaken this translation.

Archbishop of Westminster.

Feast of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 1867.