By a Rescript of May 20, 1862, the Sovereign Pontiff Pius IX. granted to all the faithful who shall say the following prayer inn honour of St. Michael de’ Santi -
300 days indulgence for every time it is said; and to those who shall have said it at least ten times in the course of the year he granted -
the plenary indulgence, on the tenth day of April (the day of the saint’s death), on the Feast of Corpus Christi, and on the fifth of July, on which day is celebrated the memory of the above-named blessed man, provided that on those days they, having Confessed and Communicated, shall pray according to the mind of his Holiness.


Glorious Michael, seraph inflamed with burning love of Jesus in the most holy Sacrament; thou who, passing days and nights in his Royal Presence, didst find there those dear delights which, inundating not thy heart alone but thy whole body with surpassing sweetness, threw thee into an ecstasy of joy, and who, rapt in thy God, didst feel thyself faint for love, being unable to support the torrent of consolations; vouchsafe, I pray thee, powerful advocate, to obtain for me lively faith, firm hope, and burning charity towards this priceless treasure, the precious pledge of everlasting glory; so that by thy intercession I may, through the whole course of my life, be numbered amongst the true worshippers of Jesus in the Holy Sacrament, and hereafter enjoy Him face to face, together with thee, in an eternity of bliss. Amen.

One Pater, one Ave, and one Gloria.


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